Ethiopian Airline Black Boxes Arrives In France, Families Angry At Airline


Hours after France confirmed that it was available to analyze the black boxes from the crashed Ethiopian airline jet, investigators from Addis Ababa arrived in Paris with the boxes.

Work on the materials will be handled by the accident investigation agency, BEA. Ethiopian had on early Thursday confirmed that France had opted to help with the analysis.

The United States transport safety board have also sent three investigators to France to assist with the downloading and analysis of the information contained in the boxes.

The Washington-based NTSB is the federal agency that: “investigates accidents in aviation, highway, marine, rail & pipeline and makes recommendations to improve transportation safety for everyone.”

Meanwhile, Reuters is reporting about a standoff in Addis Ababa where families of victims stormed out of a meeting with the airline.

According to Maggie Fick, Reuters East Africa bureau chief: “The airline had called a meeting with families in a hotel in Addis Ababa but around 100 relatives walked out.”

They were protesting what they said was lack of timely information from the airline. Most of them had visited the crash site in Bishoftu to pay their respects to departed relations.