Mutahi Ngunyi’s Latest Advise To Ruto Causes Mixed Reactions Among Kenyans


Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi advised Deputy President William Ruto to go silent for a month to increase his chances of winning 2022 presidential elections.

Despite support the DP, Mutahi said that Ruto needs to change his tactics lest he ‘devalues his currency’.

​“Although I support William Ruto, he needs to change tact. If he goes silent for a month, his currency will grow. Silence annoys even the DEVIL. But if he continues talking, he will devalue his Currency,” said Mutahi.

Earlier, the political analyst said that Ruto must shift from being a politician to being a leader adding that his vision is still unclear.

“Ruto will become President. But he must shift from being a politician to being a leader. A politician is about elections. A Leader is about vision. Ruto should talk vision; not elections. His vision is still unclear.

Mutahi’s advice to Ruto however elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans. This is what some of them had to say;

I believe you’re working to confuse Ruto by these platitudes. You obviously do not support him coz you know he is not going to be president.— Kabii Kabii (@ThuoKabii)

In fact, he should leave the troop of MPs who follow him everywhere yapping about 2022..let him go underwater for some time..— Mugambi Godffrey (@mugambi_djorou)


I am glad to hear you say that. Saying less is always MORE!

— Hon. Richard Onyonka (@ronyonka)

I’ve always agreed with you on your analysis but on this one I beg to differ. Let the DP continue with what he’s doing. He’s on the right track even if there’s a clique that wants him out. They will not succeed.— Obagaz (@zephaniah_obaga)

For the first time you have advised our 2022 president the wrong way. This is the same as telling him to accept being cowed by this toothless coward dogs barking everyday… Go!go! go! No Retreat no surrender#team TangaTanga.— Miriti Ceasar (@CeasarMiriti)

But he talks only on government Development issues bestoed on him, he has not talk politics, why should he keep silent— Isaacrugutmanyatta (@Isaacrugutmany1)

This is true, hope he’s following— EMMY KIPTOO (@emmy_kiptoo)

I conquer with you Mr. Mutahi— Maxwell Kimeli (@MaxwellKimeli3)